Defining Excellence
Word from the Chairman


  • It is an honor to be the founder of Global
    Corporate Group for nearly 30 years of
    success of our subsidiary companies
    in its different fields.
  • Our companies always think out of the box and use all of the advanced and unique strategies to face all challenges in order to achieve its goals.
  • Pursuing our success, we decided to
    expand our business globally through our
    new-born, Global Overseas Trading Company.
  • Global Overseas Trading Company is generated not only to establish commercial business partnerships but also to create a leap in e-commerce through comprehensive online markets.
  • To maintain our success, we are committed to exert the maximum effort using advanced technology along with our core values.

Amr Hosny ,Chairman of Board

About Us


Global Overseas Trading is a subsidiary of Global View Real Estate Investment
which is an Egyptian-Saudi company operating as a real estate developer with an
annual turn over of about 25 million euros. It is the head of a corporate group of
progressive companies operating for several decades. Each company member of
our group succeeded to be a unique & distinctive landmark entity in its business aspect.

Global Overseas Trading Resources


  • Locations          : Offices in Turkey & Egypt.
  • Technology       : Most updated e-commerce application GOT, and a detailed company website.
  • Calibers:           : A well-trained & professional team in all company divisions: HR, Finance, Sales, Marketing, IT Department, and Customer Service in Egypt and Turkey.
  • Logistics           : Highly qualified experienced logistics agents and staff (customs clearance, supply chain, transportation and warehouses).
  • Good Relations : With well-known and highly prestigious factories, in addition to a strong distributor network in Egypt and most countries.